Mika Parajon

The Good Days Are Made


The Good Days Are Made, they don’t just happen.

How we do things is what gives them meaning – it’s what separates it’s what separates the bland from the rich and the adequate from the spirited. If things go south, we make the most of it. If all goes according to plan, we’re out to make the routine uncommon. This is where the best stories are often made. It’s up to us to go out and get it, make it ours, and make it good. These are the good old days, the ones we’ll talk about ‘til we’re old and gray. How do you make your good days?


Concept-to-execution brand campaign, identity & guidelines built to drive the marketing behind Osprey’s new Direct-to-Consumer efforts in 2018.

Creative Direction, Select Graphic Design: Benjamin Dodd
Ad Copy: Scott Robertson
Photography: Dan Holz, Nathaniel Wilder, Jay Kolsch, Robb Thompson, Kaare Iverson
Videography: Kaare Iverson